Repairing School Computers

A Special team has been established by the Provincial Department of Education to repair and maintain the computers and the Networks of Information and Communication Technological Laboratories in all the schools of Uva Province. All Educational Zones are being Covered by this team and they were well trained to solve all the break downs of the computer hardware and issues of the network systems. A large amount of money has been saved for the government by this team when doing their excellent duty.

Workshop on “ Enhancement of Educational Achievements ”


* Identify the National and Provincial Level Educational Achievements trends.
* Analyze present Provincial, Zonal and Divisional Educational Achievements.
* Determine factors pertaining to the Educational Achievements in the Province, Zones, and Divisions etc.
* Set the Educational Achievements Targets through the forecasts for near future based on the potentialities to be developed  through Training/ Development Interventions including SBTD.



Analyzing Exam Results

The Public examination results G.C.E(A/L), G.C.E(O/L) and grade 5 scholarship exam are being analyzed every year. This analysis is being done educational division level, Educational Zone Level and School Level, through this analysis it has been identified the weak points of the backward students and conduct several strategies and remedial activities to uplift the achievement of identified students.